Ben Nigel Potts

Ben Nigel Potts is a sound artist, sculptor, and painter. He is currently pursuing doctoral research at The University of Huddersfield under the supervision of Professor Michael Clarke and Professor Monty Adkins.

Ben's work involves creation of both sound art and visual art in a multi-disciplinary process. His work involves creating live vivid and engaging sound-worlds from the use of one household or commonplace object per piece, using no pre-recorded sound. The pieces are real-time improvisations with a pre-determined form and structure. These sound works are performed along side the exhibition of the visual art counterpart. The two mediums function collaboratively to express the same thought/emotion/concept and explore the relationship between sound and visual, and fixed and temporal media.

Human:Nature (a, b and c) #sculpture #art #artist #sculptural #sculptor #artwork #contemporary #minimal #minimalist

Programming lights #max #dmx #sculpture #light #art #lightsculpture

Spending the day making mould number two. Could be worse :) #artist #sculptor #sculpture #mould #lovinglife

First block of a sculpture I am working on. #sculpture #sculptural #art #artist #contemporary

Took 4 hours but I finally got the computer to communicate with the light. Now to see what Max can do :)

Mic’d up.


C Word Series, a set on Flickr.

I picked five of my favourite paintings to sell as prints. I’m in the process of sorting out a way you can buy the prints, until then you can enjoy the photographs I took today.

This is me, crying. on Flickr.

Glacier [Add on piece] on Flickr.

As an ongoing project, I am looking at ways which allow my painting technique to become 3D. I’m looking for the effect of the painting being frozen or lingering in time. I think this is the closest I’ve have got so far. So this is a add-on piece of The Lake sculpture.

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